Basic Overview

Foundations are mainly used by teachers working with children from ages 2 up to age 7.

Display the icons around the class and use the sentences in the ladders to explain the skills to young learners and their parents.

In the best examples, teachers record evidence of the highest point reached by students using stars on a chart or peer assessment (children who get near the top of a ladder become a ‘class expert’ and can start awarding stars to others who show progress on that ladder or recommending awards to the teacher).

Keeping a portfolio for each child allows teachers to stick in photos and add pieces of work linked to each ladder.

For a summary of the ladders and their icons click here

To link directly to each ladder click below or use the menus at the top of this page.

  • Try hard  –           Self Manger
  • Be yourself –       Effective Participator
  • Compare –           Creative thinkers
  • Create –                Creative Thinkers
  • Talk and listen – Reflective Learner
  • Be curious –         Enquiry
  • Be caring –           Team Working
  • Sounds – Links to early Language development
  • Read  – Links to early Literacy
  • Write – Links to early Literacy
  • Count – Links to early Numeracy
  • Work it out – Links to early Numeracy
  • Be active – Links to early motor development



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