Personalised Learning

Moving schools towards true personalisation of learning requires many years.  It is achievable if the schools concentrate on changing step by step.  They may also need to focus on just one element at a time.  I have categorised these elements using REORDER.  Click on each of the headings to view a ladder showing the stages of greater and greater personalisation.

  1. RELATIONSHIPS – Pesonalising WHO you learn with
  2. ENVIRONMENTS – Personalising WHERE you learn
  3. OPPORTUNITIES – Personalising WHAT and HOW you learn
  4. RESOURCES – Personalising WHAT YOU USE to learn with
  5. DISTRIBUTION OF LEADERSHIP – Empowering each learner
  6. EVALUATION – Personalising the PACE of learning

One comment on “Personalised Learning

  1. We are finally going to give personalized learning a try this year in a few classrooms. We are so excited to use some of the tips we’ve learned from your site. Thanks Dan!

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