Quick School Improvement Audit

Example 2 – Click here to quickly decide a focus for this year’s School improvement

  • Relationships –
    • Do you need to improve the way people relate to each other
    • Do you need to forge new relationships with local organisations?
    • Do you need to improve relationships with parents?
  • Environments –
    • Are all your learning environments promoting your ethos / promoting learning?
  • Opportunities –
    • Do you need new learning opportunities for staff?
    • Are there curriculum opportunities that require refresh or improvement?
    • Are there the right opportunities to develop essential skills?
    • Are there the right opportunities to address inequality and extra curricular chances?
  • Resources –
    • Are there any resources that could be purchased/refreshed to improve learning?
  • Distribution of Leadership
    • Are all people in the school aware of what part they can play in improvement?
    • Are students provided with opportunities to lead ideas and projects?
    • Is leadership developed through the right balance of coaching and challenge?
  • Evaluation
    • Do you have strong systems of quality assurance?
    • How do you know which teachers, which projects and which investments are having the most impact
    • Is examination success analysed and what strategies for improvement arise from this?
  • Recognition
    • Is excellence rewarded?
    • Are all capabilities and achievements given praise?  Are all opportunities for praise used?

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