Imagine new ideas.  This skill area is around using your imagination to generate new ideas and new ways of looking at things.  This helps you to be able to explore new possibilities.  Creativity is often about seeing the world through fresh eyes and not just restricting yourself to ideas that seem good first time round.  Seeing things in new ways often helps people understand each other better.  How many times have people explained something to you one way and you just have not understood but then they try another alternative and it suddenly makes sense?  This is the skill of coming up with these new ideas and possibilities


I enjoy role-play, songs and making music.  I can use them to show how I’m feeling.


I use role-play art, dance of music to tell stories or show feelings.  I like hearing other people’s work too.


I can come up with an idea to explain how something works using imaginary creatures or things that have not been invented yet.


I can use someone else’s ideas and add to them.  For example I can read a book and write a new ending that I thought up or imagine a TV character in a different story.


I can join ideas together that should not fit and create ideas that may be impossible in the real world.  For example I could design a motorbike for a fish.


When solving a problem I can come up with four ideas and then work out which one is the best.  I can do this by using my imagination to predict how each solution will work. For example, when designing a doll’s house I can imagine children using it and think what they would enjoy most.


I can put myself in a different time in history, different cultures or look from a different perspective (e.g. through a horse’s eyes).  My work could be in any media or use drama, art, music etc.  My work will contain ideas that I thought up myself using genuine facts about the context, and that others would describe as original.


I can think ‘outside of the box’.  There are lots of things that people have always done in one particular way but I can imagine completely new (and possible) ways. For example Dyson had to imagine aHooverwithout a dust bag when everyone assumed you needed a dust bag.  Games designers imagine 3D worlds.  Scientists might imagine how fundamental particles move in space.


I have imagined ideas that are so well described that people can genuinely follow me into my imagination. JK Rowling’s world of Harry Potter is one example but it could be through mesmerising dance, screenplay, paintings or writing that take the audience to a believable new world or gets them to feel emotions or involvement.




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