Find Solutions

Can break a problem up into manageable chunks.  When you have developed this skill you will be able to break a problem up into smaller chunks so that a larger problem becomes manageable.  You will be able to find practical ways in which people can get involved to move things forward.  You would know that there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem just one you can make less of a problem.  This skill is also helpful in getting tasks done quickly as it allows you to break up tasks into different jobs and organise the order in which jobs need to be done.


I can answer questions with good ideas


I can solve some problems from start to finish without any help.


I can solve a problem with someone else by breaking it into different tasks and then we get it done much faster.


I have solved a problem that needed lots of different resources and people.  For example if we were creating a poster display quickly we would need someone to agree the space, someone to find paper and materials, someone to decide content etc.  This needs a quick plan and everyone needs clear jobs.


If I am given a large problem to solve I can break it up into a set of smaller problems so that lots of people can work together.


I have managed an extended piece of work with a team of more than four people (for at least 3 weeks) which involved a variety of tasks and activities. I achieved this by completing a survey of the skills and interests of everyone in the team and used it to help allocate each task effectively and on time so that we built up the extended piece of work in the time allowed.


I have taken on a task or problem that others had been unable to find a solution to. I identified the separate jobs which make up the larger task and made sure they were completed one by one, either by me or by others.  I then reported the solution I had achieved by myself or with my team to others.


I can consider possible solutions by imagining how they would work in my head.  By running them through and looking for problems that might emerge, I can choose a solution that I think will work best.  I can evidence this by imagining myself when the project is finished and describing what I see.


I have a portfolio of pieces of work I have completed which have created practical guidance to solve problems. The guidance has been used by more than one individual, group or institution successfully.

Find Solutions


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