Identify Issues

See injustice or practice which could improve.  When you have this skill you can Identify improvements that would benefit others as well as yourself.  You work out which things should change in your area, place of work or the world.  People who are less skilled in this area may need people like you to be an advocate for them and to help them identify problems that could be solved to improve the community as a whole.  You ask the questions that others may duck away from.


I know right from wrong. I can say why I think this.


I have opinions and my own ideas. I show emotions sometimes when I hear stories.


If the way someone is treated is unfair I ask them about it and help them feel better.  It makes me feel sad or angry too but I can control this.  If they want my help I make sure someone in charge listens to what happened.


I can ask the people around me about issues like global warming or cruelty to animals and find out what is the issue most people have feelings about.  I can describe which issues matter most to the people around me and give examples.


I collect views from at least twenty people to find out how they think our community could be improved.  I ask people I don’t normally talk to so that everyone is included.  If I can’t include everyone then I make sure I ask a balanced group (e.g. if half the people in our community are men then half of the number I ask should also be men).  I don’t give my own views until the end so people know it is fair.


Sometimes people’s views are not heard because they are not good at explaining them or they may be the minority.  I find examples of this in my community.  I talk to someone in this position or do research so that next time I am giving an opinion I can think more widely.  The people I talk to may hold different views and opinions to me which means I may have to try harder to be open minded.


I find ways in which my current workplace is unfair for some people in it.  It may be in the food on offer, access to different languages, how welcoming it makes people feel etc.  I ask a cross section of the community if they agree or are aware of the issues.  If I feel the issue needs attention, I will find out who holds a budget that could bring about an improvement and I pass my findings on to them.


I run a consultation in which I discover the views of at least one hundred people in my community in an area that concerns many of them.  I understand that different parts of the community may have different beliefs, different prejudices and a range of reasons for holding their opinions.  I try to include all of these diverse sections of the community.  The work is used to try and raise money or awareness for a project to improve the community.


I may be a politician or investigative journalist.  I gain support from local people by representing their views and uncovering issues that affect their daily lives.  I may not have the solutions but I know that people really need their views supported their voice heard to feel fully included in the community.  I make sure as many people as possible are made aware of issues that are important to my community even if they are not important issues for me personally.


Identify Issues


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