Explore a question

Engage with, devise, plan and carry out research.  When you have developed this skill you will have lots of research ideas you would like to follow.  You will be able to take one of your research ideas and plan a fair and balanced piece of research and complete the research.  Your research will be good enough quality to keep people informed and maybe even uncover new links.


I can find something out by myself.  I sometimes make models to help me explore.


I can choose what I would like to learn, record what I have found out and share it with other people.


I can do a project about something and give myself questions to find out about before I start.  For example I might do a project on penguins and start with the question ‘Why don’t they fly?’


I have found out information about a topic that nobody else I know has studied.  I started by asking different questions like ‘how’.’ what…’ and ‘why…”


I can ask questions and then predict answers to them.  For example, I may wonder why people smoke when they know it is killing them.  I may think of a few reasons why this might happen.  What questions do you need to ask to find out which of your ideas is most likely to be true?


I fuel questions in other people.  I can be honest about not knowing the answer to questions and can encourage others to ask questions too.  I can use conversation to explore new questions and help work out the most important questions to ask.  For evidence I could record a discussion I have had.


I ask informed questions.  The answers to my first questions generate new ones.  As my knowledge grows I am able to ask more complex questions that may have lots of parts .For example, you could want to understand why the Iraq war happened but you would realise that before you do this you might need to find out about the history the religions and the region.


I can explore a theory.  I manage to find previous thinkers who have asked questions similar to mine and can read around the topic before deciding on the area of research I will be asking my questions about.


I can quickly scope the range of questions I could ask to cover the topic from all angles.  I then categorise these without bias to prioritise questions and lines of enquiry.  My desire to understand the complexities of the problem drives me to ask questions that are fundamental and which link all the other questions together.


Explore a question


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