Reach conclusions

Draw balanced and focussed conclusions. With this skill you will be able to bring all your research together to write or present a final report.  You will have the skill to record your findings in a way that others can learn from your research and get an accurate and balanced view.  You have the skills of analysis and interpretation so that your work is of genuine value with the conclusion adding new insight.


I can decide what I believe after hearing what others believe.


At the end of each day I can tell you something I found out.


At the end of my project I can make a list of the things I have found out and say which one was most important.


My project started with questions I wanted to know the answer to.  Now I have finished my project I have found answers to some of my questions.  If other people looked at my project they could see how I found these answers too.


I can produce a conclusion that uses evidence to answer the original questions I was trying to answer and evaluates how accurate these conclusions are.  I suggest alternative conclusions and what evidence there might be for these.


My conclusion contains analysis of the information that reveals a pattern and allows me to comment on accuracy. I might use maths, graphs, data or further research to achieve this.  The conclusion clearly answers the questions research was exploring but it also explains the limitations of the evidence.


After I had completed research into a complex question I produced a complex conclusion.  The conclusion deals with lots of smaller questions but manages to bring these together to show patterns and new ways of interpreting all of the information.  I am clear about which questions need more research, which ones have patterns with high accuracy and which ones are less reliable because of possible bias, error or missing data.


I gain some unpaid work as a researcher either through my own organisation or from outside.  My research makes clear reference to other work in the field and people who commissioned it from me feel confident that reading my conclusions will give them as much unbiased insight into the field as if they had done the work themselves. My work is completed to the deadline set and is used.  The organisation will recognise the quality of my work.


I have demonstrated that the speed, accuracy and even-handedness of my research are of a professional standard.  I may have demonstrated this by gaining paid work as a researcher, or by researching a piece of work of my own that is then published or by having created a well referenced reader which is downloaded or used by over one hundred people.


Reach conclusions


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