Stay objective

Look from different perspectives.  When you are researching and enquiring it is easy to assume that your own experiences are most important because you know most about these.  When you have this skill you are able to put yourself in the shoes of others and really explore the issue you are researching from their position.  You can take into account their culture and how life experiences and chances may have been different from your own.  You will be able to explore issues, events or problems from different perspectives.


I know different people have different ideas.


I can use other people’s ideas as well as my own to try and solve a puzzle or problem.


I can write or record two different views. For example I could play both parts in a pretend argument.


When I am exploring a question in a project where there are at least two different opinions I spend the same time on each one.  For example some people think we should eat meat and other people think we should not.  I would explore both views equally.


When I do research I always use a range of sources.  I try to find sources that disagree with each other.  Too little research may give me a misleading result.  How do you show you have researched thoroughly?  Some sources are produced in order to make you believe the author’s point of view, are you sure you have chosen enough sources to allow for these?


I can explain how the same event can be reported differently depending on the perspective of the reporter and explain why as well as how they are different.  I can do this with an event which has happened recently as well as in the past.


I can take an issue I am very sure about and construct an argument that supports the opposite point of view.  For example I may feel strongly that animal testing should not happen. I can make the case for it to happen.


I can give an example of a time when, through discussion or research I realised that a belief in something I took for granted as being true may not be. Describe how you engaged with, yet challenged these other perspectives and were able to reflect on your own views.  You can find examples of where others have accidentally added bias to their work because they may not have challenged their own views sufficiently.


I never dismiss an opinion or perspective or consider it inferior to my own.  When hearing a range of perspectives that are very different from mine I can sensitively question to gain a better understanding of how the person reached their perspective.  In understanding this I take account of the wide range of influences, beliefs and cultural differences that lead people to create their own convictions.


Stay objective


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