Invite feedback

Invite feedback and deal positively with praise, setbacks and criticism.  Imagine if everyone knew how you could be much more successful but they were just afraid to tell you.  When you have developed this skill you will be really keen to know what people think of you and your work.  You will invite people to point out the problems and the successes because you will want to improve.  If you are good at this skill then you will have the help of everyone you work with to improve your effectiveness.


I ask if people like my work.


I can improve a piece of work after hearing or reading comments on it.


I can tell people what I like about their work and how I think they could make it better.  I thank them when they do this for me.


When I give feedback to other people I am positive, truthful and helpful.  I ask for feedback from other people and whatever they tell me I respect their opinion and thank them.  I don’t argue with them.  Evidence could be video clip of me getting feedback or giving feedback.


I like hearing other people’s views and ideas about my work.  I can describe how I changed something or added something to my piece/work after listening to the comments of my friends/class/colleagues.  I can also explain how I invited the feedback in the first place.


I know other people can help me make my idea/piece/work better and because of this I ask them for their comments and ideas and record them. If someone says something they do not like about my work it does not make me feel cross with them.  I have found a method of getting more people to give feedback on my work.  I may have made a set of survey questions and collected people’s opinions this way.  My evidence will show how I collected feedback and how I used it to improve.


I am able to listen to feedback which is about me personally rather than just my work.   Until proven otherwise, I trust that the person is telling me to help me improve.  Where possible I choose to hear such advice in one to one conversations and it is me who starts such conversations.  I can describe when I dealt with getting feedback about me that I found difficult to accept at first but now believe has really helped me.


I am open and approachable and people know they can tell me exactly what they think about my work and the way I work without me taking offence or holding it against them. I know that people who are lacking in confidence or self esteem may react badly to criticism even if it is constructive because it makes then feel less secure.  At times I feel insecure too and when this happens I don’t blame the critic but rather I have friends and colleagues I trust from whom I can get a second, honest opinion.  I can describe just such an event.


I work out ways of gaining feedback from a representative cross-section of the communities within which I work.  If I am in a position of authority I will conduct a 360 degree appraisal in which everyone in the organisation has the chance to give me feedback on how I am doing.  I make sure that the feedback I receive leads to actual changes in my work which I report back to the people who gave me feedback.


Invite feedback


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