Set yourself challenges

Set Positive Challenges.  You are the kind of person who is positive about learning and can keep moving forward by setting realistic personal targets to improve yourself.  You know yourself well enough to understand the way you work best and can both play to your strengths and focus on your weaknesses.


I know where I work best but I’m going to try working somewhere new.


I have set myself a challenge.  I am going to try to do something I can’t do now.


I know something about the way I work and I have tested this idea out.  For example, I have tried doing art with music on and without it on and now I know which helps me work best. (Other people gave me ideas)


I can tell you what I am good at and what I am not so good at.  I have chosen one of the things I’m not good at and have decided to challenge myself to make it better.  I have some ideas about why I don’t have confidence already and how the challenge will help me.


I can look at a list of tasks and activities and select the one I am likely to be best at by matching my strengths and skills to the requirements of the task.  I can discuss my decisions with others and use their ideas and views to help me decide but without depending on them.  Using this method I can decide on a personal challenge.


I have examples of when I deliberately chose to try a different learning style so that I could challenge myself and increase my range of skills.  For example, something that I would normally choose to explain by writing about it I chose to make a diagram or drawing to explain it instead.  I never close down my options by saying things like ‘I’m no good at ….”  I see these weaknesses as perfect challenges to set myself and improve.


I can work out what went well and what went wrong with the way I approached learning.  For example if I am revising for an exam I can try different approaches and work out which ones work best for me.  I can experiment and change the way I approach my learning.  This helps me set myself new challenges and find ways of achieving them.


I can de-construct my learning.  This means I can look at all of the things that make me successful and come up with ways of improving.  I might consider the place I work, how often my breaks are, who it is best to get help from, what learning style to use, how to motivate myself and when to stop.  I have the confidence to set myself quite ambitious challenges in areas that are new to me and I know myself well enough to predict I could be successful.


I firmly believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  I know my strengths well enough to know how I can use them to improve or compensate for my weaknesses.  I set long term career and personal targets that are challenging and will need me to work on them consistently if I am to achieve them.  As evidence I can share my long term aspirations and explain what current challenges I have set myself to help me move closer to completing my ambitions.

Set yourself challenges


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