Go for it, finish it.

Demonstrate resilience and determination.  Work towards goals, showing initiative, commitment and perseverance.  This skill area looks at how well you stick with problems until you solve them.  This skill is very important for your everyday life as well as your work.  Having lots of unfinished projects and work you are avoiding would lead you to become stressed and unreliable.  This skill area is very valuable.


I can try again when something doesn’t work first time.  E.g. building a tower from dominoes.


I have evidence of something that took me lots of attempts and lots of time and I am really proud that I finished it.


I can describe something I have achieved that was difficult.  Other people I was working with gave up and I wanted to give up as well but I carried on because I knew I would feel good in the end.


I have stuck with a hard problem or project till it was solved which took at least two hours.  At least once, I wasn’t enjoying it and so I had to steel myself up. I used methods like stopping for breaks, giving myself rewards and trying to think about how it would feel to finish.


I cope with set-backs.  I can explain how I coped and how I kept myself going even though I failed first or even second time I tried.  I might be learning a new skill I was not good at by going to weekly classes or trying for a long period.  An example could be learning to climb. Even though every muscle hurt and I had fallen off twice, I had to change the way I approached the problem and then start again.


I am mentally strong and determined. Sometimes, solving tough problems is like a battle with yourself.  Your concentration may wander, you may feel tired and you might even try to convince yourself you should give up.  You can describe how you overcame these feelings.  How do you push yourself mentally on and how did you feel when you were successful and beat the problem?  You could evidence this using a video diary over a few weeks.


I took up a challenge that required determination, drive and commitment over a year and for which I had to train or study regularly without someone coaching me.  I motivated myself by being positive and knowing myself.  You may train and run in a marathon or be the motivator in a team preparing for an important game.  You may do a perseverance challenge like ‘Ten Tors.’


I have a clear ambition for where I would like to be in three years time.  The challenge I have set myself is not easy and many people around me feel I cannot achieve it.  I may doubt I can do it as well but I am able to fight these feelings and do something every day that will bring my ambition closer.  Evidence will need to be over quite an extended time.


I have persisted with an interest or goal over a long period of time, when others involved at the beginning have moved on/dropped out.  This perseverance has resulted in a break-through or new development in my specialist field, which is now recognised/used by others.




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