Manage Emotions

Manage your own emotions.  This skill area allows you to keep your cool when all around you are losing theirs.  It values self confidence and the ability to know yourself well enough to be able to control yet openly share your emotions.  This helps you deal with competing pressures, including personal and work-related demands.


I can say goodbye in the morning and am happy to be at school.


I can talk about my emotions to my friends and listen to when they talk about theirs.


I always stay in control. I can think of examples when someone was being unkind or angry and I managed to stay calm, polite and confident.


I congratulate myself when I have done something well.  When something goes wrong I admit it to myself.  I can think of times when I was down and I found ways to make myself positive again.  I didn’t ignore the feelings that were making me feel down but found ways to make them less important.


I can prioritise my friendships.  I can find space to listen to my friends and get involved in their lives even if I have lots of pressure and emotions of my own to deal with.  I can think of times when I have played down my own emotions because others were in more need than me.


After an argument I can think over my feelings and see what I did that made things worse.  I can think of aspects of my character I would like to change and aspects that I am happy with.  I understand how our emotions in the argument may have caused problems.  For evidence you might use video.


I have had demands on my time from more than one commitment at the same time and have successfully managed the need and demands of both. These commitments are likely not to be known to each other. E.g. Two pieces of coursework, two different drama productions, family events and school events.  No-one has intervened on my behalf.


I am confident that my future is in my hands and I have the ability to improve myself and any parts of my character that may be making life more difficult.  I can discuss my feelings and those of others openly and sensitively.  I have a strong sense of identity and make time for the people who are most important to me.  Evidence could be a video CV or an example of me being confident without being arrogant.


I may be a counsellor or psychologist or just relied upon by all my friends as someone who can help them understand the emotions they are feeling by giving examples from my own life and my own feelings.  Your evidence is likely to be confidential so you must find ways of maintaining the trust of your friends or clients as you evidence this.




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