Manage Risk

Manage risks.  Any progress you make as a person means you need to regularly try new things and develop new skills.  This means you need to take risks and put yourself in new situations that might make you nervous or apprehensive.  If you are good at this skill you can make measured decisions about what level of risk is worth the gains you make.  It helps you seek out challenges or new responsibilities and show flexibility when priorities change.


If I think my friend could get hurt I make sure I tell them.


I can make an area safer before doing an activity.  For example I can move things that I might bump into.


If I am not sure or I am nervous I ask someone who is responsible to help me.  If they tell me it is safe then I carry on but I always keep checking just in case they are wrong.  For example if I have been bullied by someone I would ask what to do and would follow the advice.


I have volunteered to try a new activity and seen it through although I was nervous or apprehensive.  I thought of the risks and the advice and I decided I would try it.


In an activity I have planned, I have completed a ‘risk assessment’.  I have asked an expert to give me advice on this and I am now confident that I have made the activity as safe as it can be and is within the law.  For most accidents that could happen I now know what to do.


I decide to do an activity that contains risk of failure and maybe even risk of injury.  I produce a risk assessment.  For each thing that could go wrong I walk through it in my imagination thinking what I would do.  I think about the benefits and the risks and make a decision to either do the activity or make it safer first.  I share my plan with someone who could support me if things went wrong.


I am familiar with and comfortable with taking risks in my work because I know it can lead to a better end result. I can demonstrate a piece of work/project where I took risks at the beginning and the specific steps I took to manage those risks so that they helped me improve.  My risk taking is considered and structured not random.


I have decided to do something which nobody around me has done before.  Failure would result in significant financial loss or injury or a lowering of my status or position.  Success will lead to a significant gain in status or finances.  My risk management plan is detailed and covers most of the known risks so that I have ways to protect myself.  The outcome turns out to be positive.


I create a working environment in which others can take risks safely.  This makes our approach to work more innovative.  I absorb risk by giving very clear guidance about boundaries within which people can operate. These boundaries manage rather than remove risk.


Managing risk


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