Evaluate the team

Recognise the efforts and achievements of others and praise them.  The role of quality control is essential in most modern settings.  People who work with your team will come to expect a level of quality from you and it is vital that this is maintained.  Your role is also to celebrate what has gone well and make sure there is some shared identity in your team


I can say ‘well done’ to other people when they have done something well.


In my team I can praise each person for something they did really well.  They would agree with me.


I can praise each person in my team of 4 using their names and I can tell what I did well that helped the team and what I did badly?


When someone in my team has a complaint about me, I listen to what they have to say, make lots of eye contact and see if I can agree with anything.  I thank them and don’t get cross.  I praise each person in my team very specifically (say exactly how and what they did well) and am honest and open about exactly what I have done well and badly.


I can look at the whole team and suggest ways we could all work together better using positive suggestions.  If I think there is a problem, I can only raise it if I have a suggestion. Evidence could be an evaluation of how well the team has met its targets and why or how well the team delivers its service.


People who have worked together on a big project need people to appreciate them. At the end of a project I produced a report/presentation/video that shares our successes with people outside our team and also makes the team feel proud of the work they have achieved. It must also hint at improvements needed for next time?


Even though it is essential people feel praised and valued after a big project, there will have been mistakes and problems and it is just as important that these are recognised and not repeated.  My skill is to report on the successes and the lessons learnt together.  The balance is difficult to get right and I know I need to find ways of being sensitive and supportive with positive suggestions.


When working in a group that I was not leading, I recognised the things people (including me) did that caused distraction and lack of focus.  I found ways to describe these to people and describe my own failings so that I was able to reduce the distractions caused in the group without taking any control from the group leader.


I have worked in the fields of QUALITY CONTROL or INSPECTION and have produced reports/presentations/media based on evidence I have collected.  My reports have helped team leaders make decisions about how to move forward.  I am balanced in my praise and criticism.  All criticism is constructive with specific suggestions for improvement and sensitive to the feelings of the team and the need for people to be motivated and happy in their work.


Evaluate the team


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