Manage the team

Managing a team effectively to complete a project.  This is the role of a project manager.  You make sure that the project and team function coherently and well.  You keep the pace up and the focus as well as reviewing targets and plans to keep them on target and on budget.  If you are good at this skill area then you are an incredibly valuable member of the team because you make sure that all of you work together in sequence.


I help people who are finding work hard.


I help people in my team so that our whole team does really well.


I make sure everyone in our team knows what they need to be doing and if they look like they are running out of time I help them myself or ask others to help them.


I make sure that everyone in our team knows what our team targets are.  I keep the group on task.  For evidence I could let you see a plan I have made that shows who is supposed to do what and by when OR a video/ audio of me getting the team working.


I produce project plans that show what everyone in the team should be doing and what their deadlines are.  I organise meetings to discuss the plan and make sure everyone is clear about what they need to do.  My evidence needs to include the plan and something about how the meetings have helped.


In a project that lasts for at least six weeks I have negotiated SMART weekly targets for each member of the team.  Our meetings review the plan and make sure everyone is on task and meeting deadlines.  We provide a good service that is value for money and reliable because of the team and my management of it.


I have strategies I use when people don’t meet their SMART targets.  I remain calm and focussed.  I re-negotiate when I feel people have a good case for missing a deadline.  Although I may have to step in and do more of the work myself, this is not my first step. I may raise the issue with the whole team.  I deal with the effects on the project by reviewing and re-scheduling.


I have managed a project which was quite complex or which required me to work with people remotely and in different teams who may have had their own project managers.  For example I may have project managed an international partnership between schools in different countries that came together online for a final large event.  I am very efficient with my time and keep records of all decisions.  Your evidence is in the actual outcomes you achieve and how you managed changes on the way.


I have held the role of PROJECT MANAGER for a large scale project such as building a new school.  I use GANT charts or similar systems to track numerous staff doing numerous tasks in ways which are connected to each other.  Your evidence would be successes in delivering a project on time and on budget to the client’s specification.


Manage the team


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