Take responsibility

Confident to take on a responsibility and see it through.  Take responsibility, showing confidence in themselves and their contribution.  This is one aspect of leadership and as it grows you take on more and more responsibility.  This area of skill includes negotiation, empowerment, confidence, respect, understanding team roles, engagement and winning the hearts and minds of others.


I volunteer for jobs.


I can work out rules in games or in teams.   I can take turns and share the different jobs


I have put together a team of four and we had our first meeting.  We agreed jobs for each of us.  We worked out some rules we would all have to follow to make it fair. I have kept to what I agreed.


I have led in a team where I have a daily role.  I have remembered to do my job every day and sometimes when someone else in the team is away I have done their job without being told to. My team and I decided on the different roles and who should do them.  We change roles sometimes.


I lead a team of people who offer a service, run a club or event or do a job together.  Everyone has very clear roles and I can explain what they are.  We agreed the roles together and I have done mine well and not let people down. As evidence I could explain what our team will be doing, who does what role and how we decided on these.  I could share my thoughts and concerns about what could go wrong and how I would deal with it.


I have led a team of 4 people or small company and have been in control of a budget.  When I set up the team we negotiated roles and now everyone is clear on their roles and what tasks they personally need to do for the team to succeed.  If there is an issue, complaint or if people have an argument in the team I will get involved and take responsibility for making sure it is sorted out fairly. I personally know what all the team members are working on at the moment.


I have led a project, service or business that involves more than one team. I regularly meet the leaders from each of the smaller teams to make sure they are all pulling together in the same direction.  I make sure I have accurate feedback from our ‘customers’ and from the teams.  I take personal responsibility for any issues that arise and I make sure they are resolved.  I share power by providing opportunities for the team leaders to take more responsibility.  I have developed clear rules that we all follow and we have all agreed.


I took responsibility for leading a staff or community group, made up of multiple teams and a considerable budget of time, money OR resources.  I developed policies and ground rules which were agreed by all the team and followed by them.  These included policies for dealing with people who let the team down so they were given clear support to change behaviour or change role.  I took responsibility for problems and made sure policy was followed by me and others.  Your evidence could be how you led through a difficult patch but please don’t give specific names.


I am the leader of an organisation which manages its own budget and direction.  I take active responsibility for ensuring that all of my staff feel valued, provide quality and are treated fairly.  I take responsibility for the well being and professional development of all my staff and make sure that their views are recognised and they are given opportunities to develop their competencies.  I insist on being well informed about all aspects of my organisation.  I share power and decisions but keep the final responsibility.


Take responsibility


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