Project Aspire

Student Leaders Receiving Their Award

Student Leaders Receiving Their Award

This was a leadership challenge run by students from Community School in the UK.  They became the first students to present as experts to an international ministerial conference in 2014 as a result of this work.  The photo shows them collecting their award from the Spanish Minister of Education and worldwide Head of Microsoft Education. More information may remain on their own site at but a brief method appears below.

Step 1 – A set of challenges were designed by the school which could only be done by students independently outside of lesson time.  The projects were quite wide ranging but had in common the fact that they were designed to help other students or staff.  They used some of the expels listed in the PPT called “Level 4 leadership challenge” from the downloads page of this site or from the list here

Step 2 – For each challenge they did they produced a 2 minute PPT of their evidence.

Step 3 – They used Skype and other software to share their PPTs with a panel of students in other schools that had also led and completed similar challenges

Step 4 – Based on the feedback from other students and from staff in their school (in reality it was difficult to keep a panel of students across different time zones on line at the same pre-determined time so staff stepped in often)

Step 5 – Try another challenge until they qualified for the whole of level 4

Step 6 – Continued until they passed 6 challenges at level 4 and so achieve a level 4 leadership certificate

Step 7 – Choose a level 5 challenge and become a peer assessor for students still trying to achieve level 4.

I continue to work closely with this group because leadership skills only ever tend to build so their capacity for change continues and all of them have been active each year since.



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