Level 4 Leadership Challenges

Level 4 is generally the level of skill at which leaders can self direct how they manage a project providing that the brief is clear and the level of challenge is appropriate.  A level 4 leadership challenge would almost always require at least a week and often as many as six weeks to complete.  It must be complex enough to require planning by the leader and a real chance of failure.  Support is usually provided BEFORE the task is started and not offered during the task if possible otherwise you may inadvertently remove the challenge by providing an ‘answer’

For the first time, choose any challenge from the list below.  For the second challenge, choose one that concentrates on a different SECRET skill.

Level 4 SELF MANAGEMENT challenges for Leaders

Level 4 EFFECTIVE/ ETHICAL challenges for Leaders

Level 4 CREATIVE THINKING challenges for leaders

  • C4.1  Making a proposal for school improvement More info>>>
  • C4.2  Take a lesson PowerPoint and improve it
  • C4.3  Construct your own website

Level 4 REFLECTIVE LEARNING challenges for leaders

  • R4.1  Taking part in a review day More Info>>>
  • R4.2  Give feedback on a lesson
  • R4.3  Learn a new skill such as juggling

Level 4 ENQUIRY challenges for leaders

  • E4.1  Taking part in a debate More info>>>
  • E4.2  Write a news report or article
  • E4.3  Create a new online network

Level 4 TEAM WORK challenges for leaders

  • T4.1  Act as a litter collection team for a fortnight.  More info>>
  • T4.2  Keep a room open and well managed at lunchtime.  More info >>
  • T4.3  Work as a team to host a visitor.  More info >>


Assessment criteria should be shared with the leader before the task begins and at level 4 and above they should be expected to self and peer assess against these requirements with some accuracy and fairness.  Over time we will add assessment criteria for all the examples shown above but for the time being please use the generic ones that appear in the guidance PowerPoint that can be downloaded here

Leadership specific opportunities in each skill area appear below with generic descriptions of the kinds of challenge involved.

  • Self Management – Tight timescales to achieve a difficult task with failure built in.
  • Effective Participation – Political or local issues requiring commitment and passion
  • Creative Thinking – Producing something new or solving a problem that needs lateral thinking
  • Reflective Learning – Two projects, one builds on lessons learned from the first one.
  • Enquiry – Projects that require leaders to be well informed and give a balanced opinion
  • Team Working – Tasks that require you to bring on others and build up their skills too


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