C4.1 Plan School Improvements

Conduct a survey of student views and find which area of the school is the highest priority for improvement.  Construct a proposal for the senior team.

Tick list for this Challenge (The Spec.)

  1. Did you send a report/present a report to someone senior in your school?
  2. Did the report give suggestions for how the school could be improved with not much money spent?
  3. Did the report give proof that you asked lots of people so the suggestions were not just your ideas?
  4. Did other students have a chance to comment on your report before you finished it?
  5. Did your report contain at least one idea that nobody had suggested before?
  6. Did you do all of this without help from adults?

Assessment for this Challenge

Creative challenges at level 4 are any challenge that requires learners to solve a problem by asking a wide range of opinions then coming up with a range of innovative proposals that meet the need

Minimum Pass = You tick all of the points on the tick list

Excellent pass = You will have ticked all the items on the list AND all of the statements in the table below are also true.

If you have passed at least the minimum, upload it to Project Aspire and have it peer marked.

What to prove   Statement   Examples to look for in school improvement project  

I can question assumptions


I ask myself why I think something even if others think the same.  As evidence of this I could tape or video a conversation where I ask lots of questions to make someone consider a new way of looking at something


There is a genuinely new look at the school from scratch, asking some new questions and suggesting some new ideas.  You considered ideas that challenge boundaries.

I can make links


I can use metaphor.  For example I could say my town is a HIVE of activity.  It isn’t really a bee hive but it helps you imagine the town with lots of busy people moving around like bees in a hive.  For evidence I could try writing / telling a story with metaphors in.  The metaphors would help to make the story easier to imagine.


They use language and either verbal or physical metaphors to make a strong case for the new vision of the school area they have chosen.  For example some architects describe spaces as ‘caves’ if they are cosy spaces for personal thought, ‘camp fires’ as spaces for small groups to talk and ‘watering holes’ for areas designed to bring people together in large groups

I can use my imagination

I can use someone else’s ideas and add to them.  For example I can read a book and write a new ending that I thought up or imagine a TV character in a different story.


You can investigate other ideas people have had before you.  You can build on these ideas and bring them together with your ideas.  You can provide options and maybe colour schemes.  You put together ‘expensive options’ and ‘cheap options’ so even if there is no money available you can still plan improvements.

I can take creative risks

I have taken part in an exhibition or production in which my work was included along with that of others for people outside my class (or school) to see.


Presents their ideas in an imaginary way to an audience.  Maybe a ‘dragon’s den’ presentation or presenting the plans to the leadership team of the school or architects.




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