Ep4.2 Run a Charity Event

You find out what people care about and then run a campaign to do something positive about it.

Tick List for this Challenge (The Spec.)

Your completed challenge must be able to tick ALL of this list

  1. Did you plan an event for more than 10 people to take part in?Any event is fine but just to illustrate, here are some examples: Cake sale, talent show, ideas fair, car boot sale, competition.
  2. Did you book the venue correctly, checking with the owner/caretaker to make sure it was a safe event
  3. Did you arrange for an adult to take over the event if it got too large or if there was a problem.  Did that adult check through your plans and then agree to stay available if you needed them?
  4. Did the event make money or pledges that you donated to a good cause or charity?
  5. Did you manage to persuade people to take part?
  6. Did you write an article about the event that you sent to a newsletter or local paper showing the following
    1. Photos of the event taking place
    2. How much was raised for the charity
    3. Why you wanted to support this charity
  7. Did you lead the project without help from adults?
  8. Are you the only person using this project as evidence ?

Assessment of the Challenge

Minimum pass = You will have just passed if you have a tick next to all of the list above.

Excellent pass = You will have ticked all the items on the list AND all of the statements in the table below are also true.

If you have passed at least the minimum, upload it to Project Aspire and have it peer marked.

Summary: Any challenge that requires learners to identify a local concern or issue.  Once they have identified the issue they work out ways of improving it, build up support and then take action to make changes.  They may give their time and energy to a cause or raise money for a charity or help someone in need of support.

What to prove   Statement   Examples to look for in the ‘support’ project  

I can identify issues


I can ask the people around me about issues like global warming or cruelty to animals and find out what is the issue most people have feelings about.  I can describe which issues matter most to the people around me and give examples


Your report can be in any form: written, video, interview, powerpoint, blog or anything.  In your report you make it clear how you chose the issue and how you know it is also important to other people.

I get involved


Some people complain and are slow to get involved.  I am positive and show other people by example.  For example I may do karaoke even though I can’t sing.  If people become negative I can help them be more positive without criticising them.


The report shows lots of examples of things you actually did.  It shows that you were the most active person in the project.  It may not even be an issue you are passionate about but you certainly got involved fully in it and gave it lots of energy.

I can persuade others

I can give examples of when a decision has been hard to make and I have thought about each choice and worked out which one would be best.  For example if I couldn’t decide to go on a school trip I could write out the reasons FOR going and the reasons for NOT going to help me decide.


You now need other people to get involved because you can get more done and have a bigger impact.  Your report makes it clear how you managed to motivate people and get them involved in the project.  You may have given them reasons FOR and AGAINST your project so they could make up their mind and be committed because they wanted to be.

I can find solutions

I have solved a problem that needed lots of different resources and people.  For example if we were creating a poster display quickly we would need someone to agree the space, someone to find paper and materials, someone to decide content etc.  This needs a quick plan and everyone needs clear jobs.


In my report it shows how I thought about the issue and tried out different ideas.  The solution I actually used was ambitious.  I needed to involve other people, planned what we needed to do then gave people their jobs to do.  Maybe you made a poster campaign and others helped you make the posters or maybe cleared someone’s litter as a team for example.




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