R4.2 Respond to Feedback

This challenge takes at least two weeks.  You will respond to feedback that has been given to you.

Tick List for this Challenge (The Spec)

  1. Did you ask at least 4 teachers to tell you what you do best and what you need to improve?
  2. Did you ask at least 4 peers from your classes to tell you what you do best and how you need to improve?
  3. Did you thank people and allow them to be completely honest even if you didn’t like what they said?
  4. Did you do take a suggestion and make a plan for how to improve?
  5. Did you stick to the plan for at least two weeks?
  6. Did you go back to the teachers and peers to see if they agreed that you had improved?
  7. Did you actually improve one of your weaknesses?

Assessment for this Challenge

A reflective challenge is any challenge that requires learners to reflect deeply on their own learning, obtain feedback from others and from all this, set themselves new challenges for how they can further improve.  After reflecting, they must put their plan for improvement into action and review it so for this reason this challenge may require at least 2 weeks to have enough evidence to complete and usually 6 weeks.

Minimum Pass = You tick all of the points on the tick list

Excellent pass = You will have ticked all the items on the list AND all of the statements in the table below are also true.

If you have passed at least the minimum, upload it to Project Aspire and have it peer marked.

What to prove   Statement   Examples to look at a Self Review Cycle  

I can set myself challenges


I can tell you what I am good at and what I am not so good at.  I have chosen one of the things I’m not good at and have decided to challenge myself to make it better.  I have some ideas about why I don’t have confidence already and how the challenge will help me


A group or a class come together in a circle and people take it in turns to both give and receive feedback from the others.

You talk openly about all your school subjects, what you feel you are good at and what you are currently working on improving.  The challenges you are planning to set yourself are hard but achievable.

I can invite feedback


When I give feedback to other people I am positive, truthful and helpful.  I ask for feedback from other people and whatever they tell me I respect their opinion and thank them.  I don’t argue with them.  Evidence could be video clip of me getting feedback or giving feedback


You have told the group your areas of strength, and challenges you want to set yourself. Now you invite them to comment; what do they agree with and what don’t they.  You genuinely take their comments positively and don’t argue with them?  You, in turn are able to give feedback to others that was truthful, positive and helpful.  You may collect in comments about you from all your teachers as well.

I can plan, do and review

Last week I learnt something new or a new skill all by myself.  When I decided to do it, I made a plan with dates and times on it.  I kept a diary to show how I stuck to my plan and how I improved it during the week.  I could use this diary as evidence.


After you have done all your own reflection into your strengths and weaknesses and after you have collected in the views of others especially your teachers, you put together a plan for how you are going to make improvements.  You plan is detailed and includes the challenges you have set yourself to achieve.

You put your plan into action and keep it up for at least a month before you review it and see if it made a difference.

I can share my learning

I can show I learn from my mistakes.  For evidence I could make a short training film or PowerPoint teaching others how to do what I have done but without the mistakes.  For example if I organised a sleep-over badly I could say what went wrong and how it could be better next time.


At the end of this project you present what you have learned and what you have managed to improve.  The project started with you describing what you are good at and setting yourself challenges to improve.  You then invited feedback on your ideas and planned your improvements.  Finally now you get to explain this learning journey you have just been on and how you would do it differently next time




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