T4.3 Hospitality Team

In this challenge you will lead a team that looks after someone who has visited your school for the day.

Tick List for this Challenge (The Spec.)

  1. Did you make a flyer to advertise your service so the school knew what you could do?
  2. Was your flyer so good that the school ‘employed’ your team for their next visitor?
  3. Did you meet the visitor in the morning and introduce yourself and your team?
  4. Did your check if your visitor was happy for you to take photos and/or videos then make one of your team responsible for photos/videos?
  5. Did just your team (of at least 3 including you ) take the visitor on a tour of your school?
  6. Did you find out the purpose of the visit and check the visitor saw what they needed to?
  7. Did you brief your team well so that you were all able to invite, answer and ask questions well?
  8. If you took photos did you follow your school policy (some schools, for example, say you can’t photo student faces unless you have permission from their parents but backs of heads are fine!)
  9. Did you say a good goodbye and check they had seen / heard everything they needed?
  10. Did you put together a ‘pack’ for the visitor that they could take away with them including either a printout of some of the photos from the day or a CD video and some information about the school?

Assessment for this Challenge

Any challenge that requires learners to manage a team of 4 or more people to offer a service to their community or other people reliably on a daily or regular basis (or a one off in this case)

Minimum Pass = You tick all of the points on the tick list

Excellent pass = You will have ticked all the items on the list AND all of the statements in the table below are also true.

If you have passed at least the minimum, upload it to Project Aspire and have it peer marked.

What to prove   Statement   Examples to look for in hospitality team challenge  

I can take responsibility

I have led in a team where I have a daily role.  I have remembered to do my job every day and sometimes when someone else in the team is away I have done their job without being told to. My team and I decided on the different roles and who should do them.  We change roles sometimes.


The have earned the trust of the teachers because of the professional way you produced the flyer and the polite way you greeted the visitor.

I can manage the team

I make sure that everyone in our team knows what our team targets are.  I keep the group on task.  For evidence I could let you see a plan I have made that shows who is supposed to do what and by when OR a video/ audio of me getting the team working


The whole team are involved, they arrive on time and are well briefed so that they know what they are doing BEFORE they meet the guest..

I can build team strengths

For level 4 you need evidence that you can put yourself in other people’s position and see THE SAME argument from two different sides.  When two people are arguing can you understand both points of view.  For evidence you could re-enact or explain when you used this skill to solve an argument in your team.


If there are arguments in the team then the visitor does not see or hear of these.  They are resolved by you in advance  The team feel you have been fair and have not asked others to do what you were not willing to do.

I can evaluate the team

When someone in my team has a complaint about me, I listen to what they have to say, make lots of eye contact and see if I can agree with anything.  I thank them and don’t get cross.  I praise each person in my team very specifically (say exactly how and what they did well) and am honest and open about exactly what I have done well and badly.


In your report you describe what the team did well and what could have been improved.  You have found ways to praise everyone in your team for the role they have played in allowing you all to be successful.


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