Meeting times (East)

Meeting times for Project Aspire

Meeting times for Project Aspire

This was the simplified approach we took in order to help students know the times at which they could communicate online during project Aspire.

We worked out that for live sessions to link up we needed to keep the same time and day of the month but this did involve students frequently hopping online during their holidays or in the middle of the night!!  Despite these concerns they made it work.  Even the language barrier was conquered (admittedly by insisting on having at least one student in each site who could speak English).

Guidance we provided

For the meeting Upload your evidence at the times shown above and then the next day present your evidence at the same time.  There will be an opportunity each month.  The next ones are shown below.  Please feel free to attend the presentation to be an audience member even if you have not uploaded evidence for judging yourself.  We have no way of knowing how many will wish to present at any meeting so if there are too few the meeting will close early and if too many then some will be asked to return again next month.

Next upload date  =   No new dates planned at present.

UPDATE – we are about to start an online Olympics Project that will run until 2017 – watch this space. 



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