These are a set of ladders describing progress for learners not yet able to set their own learning targets.  They are based on the original research work for the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and cover the period from birth to when learners first start to consciously self direct their learning (typically ages 5 to 7 but can be much later).

Level 9 of some of these ladders link in with the first levels of the SECRET skills, the others are concerned with basic literacy, numeracy, language and motor skills.

Foundations Ladder


Links to Early development of…

Try hard   try_hard Self-Manager
Be yourself  be_yourself Effective Participator
Compare  compare Creative Thinker
Create  create Creative Thinkers
Talk and listen  talk_listen Reflective Learner
Be curious  be_curious Enquiry
Be caring  be_caring Team Working
Sounds  sounds Language Development
Read  read Literacy
Write  write Literacy
Count  count Numeracy
Work it out  work_it_out Numeracy
Be active  be_active Motor Development

2 comments on “Foundations

  1. I would like to see something specific about showing respect to people and things, asking big questions, and self-regulating as part of this ladder. K – 2 students are certainly able to understand these concepts. I might replace Sounds, read, write and count with these. Sounds, read, write, and count are curricular outcomes while the others are more of a social skills variety. Just a thought.

    • Thanks for this – i agree it would be good to make even stronger links between FOUNDATIONS and the SECRET skills by extending downwards. Currently im focussing on post level 3 of SECRET but this would be a good area to progress to.

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