S4.1 One Word Video Dictionary

Choose a word from the dictionary and make a one video to explain what  it means.

Tick List for this Challenge (The Spec.)

Your project must be able to tick ALL of this list.

  1. Is the video no more than one minute long?
  2. Does the video explain one word?
  3. Does the word appear in the video spelled correctly?
  4. Are you in the video (can be just a still)?
  5. Are there at least three other people saying the word in the video?
  6. Did you do at least 3/4 of this project yourself and lead on the other 1/4?
  7. Is the final size of the video smaller than 6Mb?
  8. Are you the only one using this video as evidence (can only be used once)?

Assessment of this Challenge

Minimum pass = You will have just passed if you have a tick next to all of the list above.

Excellent pass = You will have ticked all the items on the list AND all of the statements in the table below are also true.

If you have passed at least the minimum, upload it to Project Aspire and have it peer marked.

What to prove   Statement   Examples to look for in the ‘1 minute video project  

I can go for it and finish it

I have stuck with a hard problem or project till it was solved which took at least two hours.   At least once, I wasn’t enjoying it and so I had to steel myself up. I used methods like stopping for breaks, giving myself rewards and trying to think about how it would feel to finish.


From the quality of the video it is clear that the leader spent over 2 hours of their own directed time on this. There is a pride and finishing touches. All criteria set in the task have been covered.

I can manage my emotions

I congratulate myself when I have done something well.  When something goes wrong I admit it to myself.  I can think of times when I was down and I found ways to make myself positive again.  I didn’t ignore the feelings that were making me feel down but found ways to make them less important.


At no point did you hear any negative comments or complaints. When questioned, the leader is positive and can realistically praise themselves and others involved.

I am organised

I did a project from start to finish. I needed to set deadlines and keep to them. I had to organise other people and make sure they took part. I had to keep to my timetable and manage the time I took.


The leader was given a tough timescale for the work and none of this was set out for them in lesson time or directed time. They are able to show you evidence of their planning and how they stayed on track. They met all deadlines set

I can manage risks

I have volunteered to try a new activity and seen it through although I was nervous or apprehensive.  I thought of the risks and the advice and I decided I would try it.


The task was set up in a way that allowed the leader to opt out without pressure. They genuinely volunteered of their own accord and can give reasons such as wanting to improve their leadership skills




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