Level 5 Leadership Challenges

These typically require 3 to 6 weeks to complete and are organised from scratch by the leader with very little guidance before or during the challenge.  The leader may come up with the challenge themselves or they may be ‘commissioned’ to do a piece of work or challenge based on a brief.  It would be appropriate for teams of level 5 leaders, for example, to bid to do a challenge.

Some suggested examples appear below

Skill Focus Level 5 Example 1 Level 5 Example 2 Level 5 Example 3
Self Management Organising an event with a risk assessment Run a talent show 2 day orienteering walk
Engaged Ethical Participation Run a campaign Conduct a representative survey Stand up and be counted
Creative Problem Solving Produce a guidance video I can direct a team to improve lesson resources Create a poster linking two school subjects
Reflective Learning Become an assessor for level 4 leaders (more info…) 20 hour self planned course of study Run a workshop
Enquiry I can produce a desktop review summary I can research how ICT helps learning I can do research requested by staff
Team Work Run an assessment panel Provide 4x level 4 Team opportunities Provide a help desk or tech team

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