Persuade Others

Make a persuasive yet open minded case.  When you have developed this skill you will be able to work out all the arguments for and against a particular idea.  You will make sure you consider all these carefully and listen to all sides.  When you have decided what you think should happen you can build arguments capable of persuading others whilst remaining honest and fair.


I can give a reason for something I do.


I can explain why it is better to do one thing than another.  (The reason you give has to make sense)


I can listen to other people’s reasons for making a choice and then explain their choices to someone else.


I can give examples of when a decision has been hard to make and I have thought about each choice and worked out which one would be best.  For example if I couldn’t decide to go on a school trip I could write out the reasons FOR going and the reasons for NOT going to help me decide.


I can persuade using reasoning.  I present three clear reasons in support of an argument.  I have backed up each of these reasons with evidence and some research.  I have thought about the three reasons I would use if I was arguing against.


I can make a complex decision.  This is one where each decision changes every other decision.  I can group sets of decisions into separate options to make it clearer for other people to make decisions. An example would be which phone to buy from looking at all the features and packages available.


I have some methods I use to help me reduce problems so they are easier to solve. For example if I was dealing with a conflict I would always question both sides separately, find common ground, summarise this back to both of them and provide reasoned arguments for each to help them see the other’s point of view.


I can build a case rather like a lawyer or someone in PR / Marketing.  I know the conclusion I would like others to reach and I predict the other side of the case so I can develop reasons that will persuade others.  My evidence might be a successful bid for funding or my role in a People’s Court or sales I have achieved.


I have listened openly to all the evidence and used reasoning to decide difficult questions.   I am able to simplify the process for others to decide because I had already thought through most of the arguments.  I don’t ‘sell’ an idea if I don’t believe in it myself but my reasoning is so well formed that people often change their view after talking with me.


Persuade others


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