Get Involved

Get involved.  When you develop this skill you will understand you live in a community and everyone needs to help each other.  There is a famous poem which says, “They came for the Jews and I didn’t help because I was not a Jew….., then they came for me and there was nobody left to help”.  People with this skill can protest for a good cause and help people even if they don’t have the same values or beliefs simply because they know we are all in a community together. You are part of the glue that holds communities together because you do the hard work behind the scenes that makes sure change happens


I enjoy helping other people.  I volunteer to help.


I get involved in extra clubs and activities.


If I am in a group or a class I make sure I know the name of everyone and have tried to talk to them in a positive way.  For evidence I could tell someone a nice fact about ten people and get them to sign that I knew them.


Some people complain and are slow to get involved.  I am positive and show other people by example.  For example I may do karaoke even though I can’t sing.  If people become negative I can help them be more positive without criticising them.


I know everyone in a community needs trust if they are to relax, get involved and be themselves.  I say it is wrong if I hear people speaking behind other’s backs.  I can give examples where I actively helped to build up my community and make it stronger.  This could be by bringing people together when they were beginning to say bad things about each other or by doing a project to help people understand each other better.


I have lots of different communities that I am involved with.  I may be in online communities, clubs, local groups and postal groups.  I play an active role in each of these and for evidence I can use pictures of me getting involved and doing activities in some of these.  I could use audio or video or even reports from other people as evidence.


I have taken on the organisation of an event in which I had to organise lots of people by deadlines.  If I had not done it then the event would not have happened.  For example I may have organised a meal, collected payment from people, booked courses and arranged pick up times etc.  Even though I did all the work I am positive and never moan or complain.  If people think of backing out I bring them back in by motivating them rather than making them feel guilty.


I identified an issue that lots of people support but nobody had actually done anything about yet.  I involve people who are better than me at persuading others and finding solutions and I support them by doing all the hard work behind the scenes to make a campaign into a reality.  I make something happen that makes my community a better or more enjoyable place to be.


I make a considerable difference to a local or national charity.  I work long term on projects to promote this for over a year.  I raise money or awareness and generate events that move the whole issue forward.  I work consistently over the time.  As evidence I can show the key interventions I made over the year and how I kept campaigns alive by raw energy and determination.


Get Involved


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