Take Creative Risks

Take creative risks – Positive.  There is never just one way of doing things.  When you exercise this skill look for new ways of doing things and new ideas but then don’t stop there.  If creativity is about new ideas and innovation then you have to be able to use failure and mistakes in a positive way. If you look at failure in this way then you will be more able to try things that don’t work first time but might give you useful ideas for later work.


I can make my work different from everyone else’s.


I can make people surprised. I can end a story in an unusual way or mark art with something different.


I can do something that could go wrong.  For example, I might perform to an audience.


I have taken part in an exhibition or production in which my work was included along with that of others for people outside my class (or school) to see.


I have chosen a task, club, event or piece of work to do which uses skills which are not my strongest but which are best suited to my idea and completed the task successfully.


When I design or create something I have an established process of trying out various ideas before assessing which will be the best one to follow through. I always include new ideas or new methods that I have never tried before. I value the unexpected or surprising and see opportunities in my past mistakes.


I can use performance or media or any other form to produce a piece which deals with a difficult subject.  It may be a subject I feel uncomfortable about or a subject that is in the news and has caused some emotion.  I am sensitive to how people might feel when they see my work.  I do the work to explore if I can do it sensitively rather than to challenge people’s feelings.


I can deal with an issue where there are very different opinions on both sides or I could trust others to produce new work on my behalf.  I am aware my work might make people feel uncomfortable or emotional. There is quite a high chance that the idea could fail or cause people to misunderstand me but I think it is an important idea and a risk worth taking.


I am pushing at the boundaries of new ideas.  I innovate but I also make it more possible for others to innovate by taking the risk for them.  If for example I were to commission a play about a sensitive topic I could then invite new writers to produce writing for it.  It is risky for me but frees them up to be more creative.

Take Creative Risks


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