Deliver real improvement projects.  When you have developed this skill you will consistently improve your learning because you will actually complete plans, deliver on targets you have set yourself and learn from the process of review.  You are clear about SMART targets and making sure that you use these effectively to make progress.


I have chosen an activity and done it for ten minutes.


When I am making something I plan what I need before I start.  As I work on it I have new ideas and make it better.


When I am learning something on my own or making something on my own I plan how, where and when I am going to do it.  Half way through my plan I improve it a bit.  I finish carrying out my plan.


Last week I learnt something new or a new skill all by myself.  When I decided to do it, I made a plan with dates and times on it.  I kept a diary to show how I stuck to my plan and how I improved it during the week.  I could use this diary as evidence.


I have carried out a personal project that took me a few weeks.  I made myself a schedule to remind me what I needed to get finished by the end of each week.  As the weeks went on, I kept a diary.  At the end of each week I looked back over the week and planned the next week. Did you achieve as much as you thought?  What could you have done to make it better?


I plan and carry out a personal project over a six week period.  My plan contains SMART targets with Specific (detailed), Measurable outcomes, Achievable, a planned mid Review and with Timings, feedback and mentor discussions. I keep a ‘learning journal’ to record how and why I have adapted my plan and which deadlines I kept.  I have been carrying out my plan for at least three weeks and have carried out the first review.


I planed and carried out a personal project taking at least ten weeks.  I built in at least three clear review points and kept a journal as evidence of how the plan was carried out and modified.  I invited discussion / feedback points from mentors.  I delivered my planned SMART targets to deadlines and set such measurable outcomes that I was able to evidence them in my journal. I planned the evaluation and challenge / support from specialists.


I have planned and carried out a personal project of at least 6 months which had clear measurable outcomes, SMART targets and aims for each week.  Although the project covered a long time I reviewed my progress as I went, adapted and modified my plan, invited feedback from others and worked steadily on achieving the targets  I achieved something I was unable to do before OR I learned a great deal trying. I kept a journal or blog and can take sections from this to support my evidence.


I am very proficient at achieving my own personal goals.  I always have multiple plans on the go at the same time but because I maintain a good diary with my own deadlines in, review points in and notes to myself about improvements, I keep to them all and so am a true lifelong learner, improving my skills independently all the time.  To evidence this you need to show some external proof of achievement and the plan that led to it.  For example you could have structured your own learning of Japanese without the use of a course and have a GCSE as evidence


Plan do review


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