Share learning

Share learning with peers.   You can be reflective in your learning. You can be constructively self critical and share how and what you learned in a way which helps other people both as a role model and as someone who made the mistakes and learnt from them so that others could be more successful


I can tell you something I learned today.


I can explain the most important thing I learned today and the least important. (Video diary?)


I can think about what happened over the last few days.  I can explain what I would do differently if I had the chance to do it again.  I can prove to other people that I think about my actions after I have done them.


I can show I learn from my mistakes.  For evidence I could make a short training film or PowerPoint teaching others how to do what I have done but without the mistakes.  For example if I organised a sleep-over badly I could say what went wrong and how it could be better next time.


Everything I do has good and bad parts.  I can list the three best and three worst decisions I took during a project I was doing.  I can discuss these with the group I worked with and see if they agree.  Life gives you lots of experiences and you understand the need to filter out the good from the bad.


I have presented my work to a colleague or fellow student.  I drew out the key reasons for doing it, the outcomes (positive and negative) and my conclusions around how my colleague could use the work to improve their own work and how I could support them. Evidence I use is balanced and honest.


I have presented my work to other people (five to ten people).  I made sure the work could be understood by people who have not been as involved in my project. I started by explaining what I was trying to improve, how I planned to do this and how I had to change the plan (if at all).  I clearly showed evidence of where I was successful and was honest about where I was not.  At least one member of the audience asked me to help them improve by doing a similar project.


I have presented my work to an audience of my peers and taken further opportunities to share my experiences outside of the institution I usually work in. I have made the project accessible to a multi-disciplinary audience.  I made it clear how much mentoring, coaching and feedback was involved.  I referred to research; feedback and evidence where it would help others adapt my findings into their context. Evidence I have presented is balanced and honest.


I have used numerous methods to allow others to engage in my work, including presenting my ideas, publishing a resource, producing research papers and guidance material.  My aim is clearly to allow others to improve through my successes and mistakes.  I am able to pull out the key reasons for success and am honest about the amount of work required and what I would do differently next time.


Share learning


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